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Postal problem

This is a letter to advise of the unreliability of service of the U.S. Post Office in Staples.

Recently I left my hometown of Thief Rver Falls to be with family in the Staples/ Brainerd area. I had a very imperative prescription that was not ready until after I left, sent via post office (non-narcotic, but necessary, therefore legal to mail) by a friend with my return address on it to a rural Staples location for me to pick up.

The rural mail carrier decided on his own, without checking, that since he knew I did not live there anymore, to not deliver it. He brought the package back to the Staples Post Office.

After a one week stay, I returned home and it had not been returned to my current address. I called the Staples Post Office to find out why and they denied even having the package. The Thief River Falls Post Office tracked it and found that it was, in fact, in Staples. They suddenly found it and Postmaster Cindy assured me it would be sent priority mail to me.

After two working days of not receiving it, I called again and was told it really wasn’t sent priority mail after all and was in Waite Park. I would receive it the next day.

Two days later I called again to have it tracked and it was in Minneapolis and then would make the route here. The next call - it is back in Waite Park, next call it is in St. Paul and would be at least two days later.

In the meantime my health is feeling the effects of the lack of this medication to the point of being housebound, which has been going on for four days.

What is wrong with this picture? If they had either checked and delivered accordingly and/or sent it back to the return address, my health would not be in jeopardy. Since it was picked up from the pharmacy, the doctor, by just law, cannot rewrite the prescription for another 60 days.

Why, I wonder, did Postmaster Cindy tell me she sent it priority when it wasn’t? It will be two weeks tomorrow and likely 14-15 days upon receipt, if I am lucky.

Pony Express could have brought it more quickly. This is a shame for our U. S. Postal Service in general and the Staples Post Office, without doubt.

With this, I highly recommend local people to send their VIP mail, not to mention holiday packages, via UPS, Federal Express, Speedy Delivery, etc., even a post office other than the unreliable Staples Post Office.

What a disgrace. Gives a whole new meaning of “Going Postal.”

Gayle Grossman
Thief River Falls, Minn.

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