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Help for homeowners on south side

By Mark Anderson
News Editor

Happy with home and the improvements Rod Beller shows the new siding and roof on his home in Staples, which was fixed up using the Small Cities Development Program loans. (Staples World photo by Mark Anderson) Rod Beller is looking forward to the winter this year, because he is sure that his home is ready for it. “It’s a sturdy home now, it should last my lifetime,” Beller said about getting his home fixed up throught the Small Cities Development Program housing grant through the Central Minnesota Housing Partnership. “I am very happy with it, it is a well-worth program, it covered an awful lot,” said Beller.

Before construction, Beller said he had siding rotting in a couple of places. He had started working on some things but became disabled. Through the loan program, he now has new siding, rain spouts, screen doors, new roof and the same things on his garage. He said they also added insulation and helped make the bathroom handicapped accessible.

Beller said the program was easy, there was a lot of reading but only a couple of pages to fill out.

“Now I don’t have to worry about being cold this winter or the roof leaking,” he said.

The SCDP loans have specific target areas and are available for both home and commercial loans. The current deadline for the grant is Dec. 31 of this year, but the the Staples Economic Development Authority is applying for a one year extension.

The target area for home loans includes almost all homes on the south side of Staples, from south of the railroad tracks, east of 8th Street SE and west of Long Prairie Road. The area for commercial loans is west of 3rd Street NE, along 2nd Ave. and Highway 10.

Anyone interested in the program can contact Ed Zimny, Program Manager, Central Minnesota Housing Partnership, at 320-258-0673, or email ed@cmhp.net.

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