2012-09-13 / Sports

Volleyball team works for first victory

By Mark Anderson
News Editor

Ashley Jenniges prepares to set the ball in the game against Melrose on Sept. 4. (Staples World photo by Mark Anderson) The Staples Motley volleyball team got their first win of the year, 3-1 against Park Rapids on Sept. 6. Coach Alissa Ailts said it took a team effort to win that first game. “Everyone did their part,” she said.

On Sept. 4, Staples Motley lost 3-0 to Melrose, one of the better teams they are likely to face this year.

Ailts pointed to several players who played a big role in the win at Park Rapids. “Kelly Pearson played a very great game both offensively and defensively as did Marilyn Eagle Tail. Theresa Odden and Kaitlin Spar did a very good job playing the net blocking, while Claire Uhlman played a very good defensive game,” said Ailts.

“ We did not give up. There were times when we were behind but we didn’t let that bring us down, we worked through and succeeded,” said Ailts. “It was a vey positive experience for the girls and I look forward to more victories as we continue to get better and better.”

Team results

Staples Motley 8 14 8
Melrose 25 25 25
Team leaders:
Theresa Odden 2 kills, 5
digs, 2 solo blocks
Kelly Pearson 2 kills, 7 digs
Kaitlin Spar 1 kill, 4 digs, 1
solo block
Staples Motley 25 21 25
Park Rapids 14 21 18 16
Team leaders:
Kelly Pearson 12 kills, 3
solo blocks, 18 digs
Marilyn Eagle Tail 8 kills, 3
ace serves, 18 digs
Theresa Odden 5 kills, 7
solo blocks, 11 digs
Kaitlin Spar 4 kills, 3 ace
serves, 3 solo blocks, 8 digs
Ashley Jenninges 1 kill, 26
setter assists, 6 digs
Claire Uhlman 21 digs

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