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Lakeview Store in Cushing now open

By Dawn Timbs
Staples World reporter

The Lakeview Store in Cushing, several impressive antler racks, as next to Lake Alexander, has reopened. well as photos of fish caught in the rivers Pictured above are the new owners, two of Montana. “We feel right at home in couples who recently moved to this area Minnesota,” Rick said, adding that they from Glendive, Mont. From left are Crystal are looking forward to pursuing their outdoor and Bob Wood; and Tammy Honeymann hobbies in their new state. (Staples and Rick Johnson. Fans of hunting World photo by Dawn Timbs) and fishing, the remodeled store contains The Lakeview Store in Cushing is once again the place to gas-up one’s vehicle, purchase some bait, order a deli sandwich and chat with friends over a cup of coffee.

It had been closed for over a year; but this past June, two families from Montana heard about the store and decided to make an offer on it.

“We came up here on vacation to visit Crystal’s relatives and we bought a bait shop,” laughed Rick Johnson.

Rick owns the store along with his wife, Tammy Honeymann; and their friends Bob and Crystal Wood.

Although the Montana natives had never been in this sort of business before, once they had seen the store and explored the surrounding area, it didn’t take them long to make a decision.

“Oh yeah, we all felt that buying this store was a good move. Plus, this is a great place to raise kids,” Rick shared, adding that he and Tammy have three little ones: Tehanna, nine; Raven, five; and Bella, one.

The Woods, as well, have two young children. Hallie is ten and Sammy will be nine in October. Bob’s older daughter, Shana and her baby, Saige, have also made the journey to Minnesota.

All of their school-aged children attend Staples Elementary.

The Lakeview Store in Cushing has had a facelift since its new owners came on board this past June. For starters, they knocked down some walls and opened up the space, said Rick Johnson, one of the owners. They also changed all of the lighting, fixed the freezer and added a deli menu. It’s the place to purchase premium bait, as well as gasoline and propane. Located at 31984 Lakeview Drive, the store is open seven days a week, 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. For more information, call 218- 575-2268. (Staples World photo by Dawn Timbs) Rick and Tammy are living in Staples; and Bob and Crystal live above the Lakeview Store. “Rick does the book work and I do most of the grunt work,” Bob shared.

They’re slowly getting the store in order, Tammy said, adding that former owner Deb Deppa was very helpful as they worked on their inventory line-up. Their credit card machine is up and running now, too.

They did some remodeling to the inside as well, including knocking down some walls, opening things up and putting in new lighting. “We had the freezer fixed, too; and we have a lot more frozen foods available for folks,” Rick said.

In addition, there is a deli on site where customers can order sandwiches or homemade pizza. Eventually, they plan to add a breakfast sandwich, Crystal said.

There are gas pumps at the Lakeview Store; and people can also purchase propane for refill bottles or RV’s.

Although the store is open seven days a week, the gas pumps are only available for six days. “We have to close the pumps for one day of the week because of Minnesota Pollution

Control,” Rick said. “We chose to close on Mondays, except for when there’s a holiday. Then we’ll close on another day.”

Customers have already told them that they have some of the best bait around, Rick said. “We have premium bait. Huge suckers and fat-heads. We also sell red-tails and leeches,” he went on.

In time, Rick said they plan to add ice house rentals to their business. “We’re working on that now,” he said.

Previously, Rick had worked in Montana repairing motorcycles, ATM’s and snowmobiles. He has a similar operation set up in the machine shop at the Lakeview Store. “If you need something repaired, bring it on down,” he said.

Bob said he’s looking forward to working at one location. “I used to own a semi truck and did a lot of crude oil field work,” he shared, adding that he was on the road for about 25 years and had a few close calls along the way. “I think I drove about three and a half million miles going up and down Hwy 16,” Bob said.

When they’re not working at the store, the two families look forward to hunting and fishing in this area.

“ Oh, yeah, it’s something we did a lot of back in Montana,” Crystal said, bringing out a photo album of their various outdoor adventures in the west.

Their hometown of

Glendive is near the Yellowstone River, Bob said. “It’s the fishing capitol for paddle fish,” he added.

They’ll have to get used to the different fishing regulations in Minnesota, Bob went on. “For one, there aren’t size limits in Montana.”

There’s a bulletin board on one of the store’s walls that holds photos of fish caught and deer shot by customers in the area. It’s a Lakeview tradition the new owners plan to keep going.

“We’re all glad they’re here,” said customer Tom

Bjorge, who lives about two blocks from the store. “Everyone’s happy this is open again.”

Even neighborhood children are excited about the store’s re- opening. “There are some kids who have paddled all the way across the lake to come and buy candy,” said Tammy. “There’s one little boy who’s probably here three or four times a day.”

They’re glad to see the repeat customers, Tammy says; and they hope to continue to get to know the

Cushing area residents.

The Lakeview Store is located at 31984 Lakeview

Drive in Cushing, just 800 feet from the west access of

Lake Alexander. It’s open seven days a week, from 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. “Night fishermen are always welcome,”

Bob says. “All they have to do is call and we’ll get them some bait.”

For more information about the Lakeview Store, call 218-575-2268.

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