2012-05-17 / News

Residents enjoying new Care Center rooms

By Mark Anderson, News Editor

Construction workers apply wall protectors to the lounge area at the end of the first wing of construction at Lakewood Care Center. (Staples World photo by Mark Anderson) Construction has started at the Lakewood Health System Care Center, part of the Revitalize campaign to update the center.

“We want it to be more like a home,” said Pam Olson, Quality Improvement Director for Senior Services. So far the residents approve the changes.

“I like it very much, it feels wonderful, it’s so bright and cheerful” said Margaret Giese, one of the first residents to move into the remodeled rooms. She is especially excited to get her pictures put up on the new tracks along the walls, part of the new construction so people don’t have to put nail holes in the walls for pictures.

Olson said residents had to move out for a couple of weeks while their rooms were getting remodeled, but they have been meeting individually with the residents to make sure they have a smooth transition. “We prepare them ahead of time, and now that they see what’s going on they are starting to appreciate it.”

Residents and staff have taken to writing on the wall that separates the construction from the rest of the hallway at Lakewood Care Center. (Staples World photo by Mark Anderson) Construction is going wing by wing, with half of each hallway walled off while the construction is going on. Steve Poissant of Nor-Son Construction said they are planning for about five and a half weeks per wing and are on track so far.

The remodeling is thorough, with all the surfaces from ceiling to floor being replaced. There are also special touches like wall protectors to prevent wheelchair damage and each wing will be a different color.

Construction on the new hospice room starts in August with the rest of the rooms to be finished by September or October.

The Revitalize Campaign is still raising funds for the total project. After the rooms are done, construction will start on the cafeteria, dining room and the beauty shop. For the final stage, the present center nurses station area will be turned into a resident lounge area. Fixing up the care center

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