2012-05-17 / News

North/South Corridor and Overpass construction update

Mike Klasen, construction services with WSB & Associates, Inc., has provided the following update for the work to be done in the next couple of weeks on the North/South Corridor and Overpass project.

Grading Work

With nice weather this week residents can expect to see exceptional progress with Front Street rising up above the railroad tracks for the bridge approach. The contractor still has about six to eight feet of fill to place in this area.

The pipe crew will continue install storm sewer on Front Street and should get the remaining storm runs in this week.

Last week the contractor started working on Airport Road on the north end of the project stripping topsoil and starting sub-cuts.

This week they will excavate for the new Judicial Ditch realignment starting from north to south which will convey water along the southbound side of Airport Road. The staging requires them to get this ditch realigned and the water moved to the west side in order to sub-cut and build the new roadway alignment.

Also, the clear and grubbers may be in late in the week to finish clearing and grubbing for Airport Road if things are dry enough.

Bridge Work

The bridge contractor poured footings for the North Abutment and wing walls last week.

This week they will be forming, tying reinforcing steel, and pouring the Pier 3 Stem, North Abutment Stem and possibly the wing wall stems/retaining walls.

These stems will have an architectural stamped finish on them and will be stained a color that will mimic the train depot.

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