2012-03-08 / Front Page

Fire destroys Mumm’s machine shop building

By Mark Anderson
News Editor

Steve Mumm was working in his shop on March 3 when a fire broke out. “He was torching something when some oil and dust nearby caught on fire,” his wife Tammy said.

Tammy said Steve ran to get a fire extinguisher, but by the time he got back the fire had spread up the wall of the shop and they had to call the fire department.

Their rural injection molding business, SM Molding, is located on County Road 26, south of Staples and east of Don & Dave’s Store.

Fire departments from Browerville, Clarissa and Eagle Bend responded to the fire, but by the time they got there it was too late to save the main building.

“It took the whole bigger building and burned about a quarter of the other building,” said Tammy. “There was quite a bit of smoke damage in there, too.”

Tammy was hopeful that the two injection molding machines in the smaller building will still be usable but said the two molders in the big building were lost. She said they are waiting on insurance before they decide what to do next. “We won’t be doing any injection molding for a little while,” she said.

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