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MSMS to present “Cinderella in New York” March 9 and 10

Rehearsals underway Rehearsals for the Motley Staples Middle School play, “Cinderella in New York” are in full swing. Pictured above, Cinderella (standing), played by Rebekka Paskewitz, speaks with her rat friends. From left, Grant Yungbauer, Chelsea Hartman, Sara Oberlander, Shawn Trantina (Cinderella’s father), Connor Schmitz, Paskewitz, Shania Holst, Alisha Johnson, Katie Benson, Josie McMullen, Anna Koopmann. Pictured in lower photo, director Matt Olsen gives blocking suggestions to some of the cast members. Pictured in front, from left, are Olsen, Schmitz, Zoe Fietek. In back, from left, Oberlander, Jordon Haglin, Lucas Jimenez. (Staples World photos by Dawn Timbs) Motley Staples Middle School will present “Cinderella in New York” at Centennial Auditorium in Staples Friday, March 9, at 7:30 p.m.; and Saturday, March 10, at 2 p.m.

The play (written by Wade Bradford) is set in the middle of the Great Depression and features the familiar story of Cinderella; but with a vibrant twist.

“It’s a show we did in 2004,” said Kevin Olsen, who is directing the show along with Gloria Palmer and Matt Olsen. “We liked it so well then that we decided to bring it back.”

Olsen said “Cinderella in New York” is a fun show. Audiences will recognize many of the characters; but there are a few changes.

The synopsis is as follows:

Cinderella Fitzgerald once led the perfect life, until her father loses everything when the stock market crashes. Shocked at the news, the poor man remains frozen at the dinner table and Cinderella and her conceited stepsisters and her vengeful, gold-digging stepmother, must live and move around him.

Cinderella is forced to work hard to take care of her family and although she has some friends (mostly wise-cracking rats), there is no real happiness in her life until she bumps into Johnny Prince, the gorgeous star of stage and screen.

Unfortunately, Cinderella’s stepmother will stop at nothing to keep the two lovebirds from getting together. Through all of the romantic pitfalls and twists, Cinderella finally learns that rather than depend on magic and fairy godmothers it’s better to make your own happiness.

“There are a lot of kids on stage, which
is great,” Olsen said. “It’s great to have the
involvement of so many students.”
The cast list includes:
o Jake Grimm - Jordan Haglin
o Willy Grimm - Andrew Israelson
o Father - Shawn Trantina
o Young Cinderella - Samantha Schimpp
o Young Samantha - Josie Erickson
o Young Roxanne - Samantha Svendsen
o Cinderella - Rebekka Paskewitz
o Stepmother - Jenessa Iverson
o Samantha - Olivia Klefsaas
o Roxanne - Megan Dumpprope
o Norton - Connor Schmitz
o Ralph - Grant Yungbauer
o Cagney - Anna Koopmann
o Johnny Prince - Lucas Jimenez
o P.J. - Cade Bestland
o Douglas - Alex Erickson
o Jezebel - Zoe Fietek
o Godmother - Silence Marsh
o Little Mouse/Angel #1 - Alisha Johnson o Little Mouse/Angel #2 - Brynn Williams o Newsie - Brian Sterriker
o Vendor - Alex Jensen
o Reverend - Draven Lane
o Doctor/Attorney - Noah Han
o Director - Coleman Klimek
o Bum - Aleesha Carlson
o Fan #1 - Tatum Williams
o Fan #2 - Marlene McMullen
o The Rat Pack - Chelsea Hartman, Katie
Benson, Shania Holst, Anna Bloomquist,
Josie McMullen, Sara Oberlander and Autumn Nelson.
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